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The future hummer is on its way. The fully finished HUMMER HX is in its way. The long wait

for the GM Hummer HX has come to an end when the General Motors introduced the HX at the DETROIT 2008 car show in America. The first model of the Hummer hx was introduced.

The new hummer vehicle is more compact than the hummer h3. It is 81 inches wide and has got a 103 inches wheel base. It is a modular, open air, two door all terrain vehicle. Another important feature is the fuel employed which is a an E85 Flex Fuel 3.6L SIDI V-6, which is backed by a 6 speed automatic transmission. The E85 fuel has 85% Ethanol and 15% gasoline.

The HX is easily convertible that includes the following features:-

removable roof panels
removable flender flares
removable doors

This helps the hummer hx to be changed according to the needs of the user and the purpose and place of the drive. This helps the vehicle to adjust for many conditions, space and cargo needs, passenger whims and varied trail conditions.

NEWS: All Hummer models will be available in BIOFUEL POWER TRAIN in 2010.

The HX Exterior

The exterior of the vehicle seems to be lightweight which is evident from the exposed, billet aluminium suspension components. This features CNC - machined lightening relieves. The vehicle also gives a minimal trim and an unadourned bodywork.
One of the most important feature of the Hummer HX is its removable roof panels, roof assembly, fender flares and doors.
Unlike the classic Hummer design cues, the new HX has got a round headlamps which is located in square housings, an upright windshield profile, a hood vent, prominent air and minimal overhangs. The air intakes not only to gives a good look to the vehicle but it also feeds the V-6 engine beneath the hood with air and the the hot underhood air is allowed to escape through the hood wents.
The HX also has HID headlamps. This has got focusing rings which automatically adjusts when the headlight is turned on. The HX is the first hummer to incorporate LED technology for the front turn signal lamps and the tail lamps.

The HX Interior

The interior of the HX is highly inspired by the functional and lightweight elements of aircrafts.The aeronautical parts have been designed to be lightweight and strong. When youenter the cabin you will obviously feel the purpose of the vehicle. It has a rubberized floor and it has also got ballistic nylon - materialcovering on the panel.
The seats in the Hummer HX are made like those of an aircraft. This done to make it lightweight. The seat is constructed on a lightweight frame which has got only minimal components and lightening holes. They have also got strength enhansing cross braces or triangulations. These seats are mounted on exposed aircraft style tracks and they are trimmed with weather resistant neoprene material. The HX can comfortably seat four people and it also has two bucket seats in the second row. The rear seats can be removed which enables to increase the cargo space.
The center console of the vehicle offers a very good storage space and it has also got a shifter that mounts low and out of the way when the vehicle is parked. It has a spring loaded cover. This pops up when the driver is ready to change the gear. It also has space for MP3 players and mobile phone. The vehicle has a radio with integrated speakers and also you can plug in your MP3 Player using a USB cable.


Even though the HX is smaller than the Hummer H3, it maintains its offroad capabilities. The changable body of the Hummer HX does enable an openair driving experience . As said earlier the Hummer HX has got a removable roof panel (above the driver and front passenger) and a modular, removable rear roof assembly. With all these removed the vehicle is transformed into a true convertible. This can be configured as an SUT(Sports Utility Truck), which gives a traditional wagon like design and makes it a stylish slant-back.It has also got removable doors and removable fender flares.

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Hummer h2

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About h2

The hummer h2 was the second vehicle to be sold under the brand name hummer. Compared to the hummer h1 the hummer h2 was slightly longer and slightly taller. But the vehicle was slimmer and lighter than hummer h1. It could carry six passengers including the driver. The hummer h2 was not only a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) but also a Sport Utility Truck (SUT) when the rear part was modified attaching a pickup truck bed.

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The Hummer h2 was manufactured in contract with AM General. It was constructed at a specially constructed plant at Mishawaka, Indiana, United States of America. The final frame assembly of hummer h2 is made up of 3 sections:-
a modified GM 2500-Series utility frame which forms the front
a new completely boxed middle section
a modified GM 1500-Series frame which forms the rear section which was upgraded for the 8,600 pound (3629 kg) gross vehicle weight.

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As the truck has a massive frame and as it is slightly wider than average track, it may offer much more stability compared to other trucks. The Hummer h2 also has the ability of fording

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of water and traversing a 40% side slope doesn't matter whether it is ascending or descending.

The h2 is not only just an off road vehicle but also a general purpose vehicle. The h2 is also used as a common vehicle for limousine conversion. It is a full size 4 door SUV. It has front engine with rear-wheel or four wheel drive. The vehicle has a 6.0L 325hp engine. But the present 2008 V8 series has a 6.2L 393hp engine. The gear system is 4-speed or 6-speed automatic for 2008 model. The SUT model has a length of 203.6 in (5171 mm) and the SUV has a length 189.8 in (4820 mm). The wheel base for SUT is 133.7 in (3124 mm) and that for SUV is 122.8 in (3118 mm). Its width and height are respectively 81.2 in (2062 mm) and 79.2 in (2012 mm), 77.8 in (1976 mm) in 2003-05 model. The curb weight of the vehicle is 6400 lb (2903 kg). It has a fuel tank capacity of 32 US gallons.


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The new baby Hummer-Hummer h4

Hummer h4

The new baby hummer is on its way. Many rumours have been spreading around the world about upcoming hummer mainly as the General Motors have not yet announced details of the same. Even the name is not clear. Many call it the Hummer h4 as it is the descendant of the previous hummers: h1, h2, h3. Hummer h4 is proposed to be under construction at the GM Hummer division. It may be released in 2008 or 2009. It should be an SUV for city traffic. although this may change by the time it appears around 2010 – it will give the Hummer brand a vital weapon in the United States against premium-priced compact Sport Utility Vehicles. This is a much smaller model. H4 is only the name that is proposed that the company will put to match with the older versions H1,H2,H3. The vehicle executives call the hummer HX. The vehicle will first be previewed as the Hummer HX concept car. It will be more fuel efficient compared to other hummers. This will be a good advantage as the the other hummers are have this disadvantage that they are not at all fuel efficient. It will have unparalleled off-road capabilities and like other current Hummers it would be recognizable from a distance. The HX was designed by the newest designers David Rojas, Min Young Kang and Robert Jablonski. It uses E85 bioethanol, and opens up to it through two removable roof panels.

It will be something like this

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